Jabber (XMPP)

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Jabber (XMPP) is an instant messaging service (IM) which allows you to reach millions of people.
The aim of this service is to provide a reliable, stable and secure communication server for the user.



The architecture of the XMPP network is similar to email; anyone can run their own XMPP server and there is no central master server like Discord, Telegram or Skype. Any user on this server can talk with anyone from the XMPP.org, Jabber.ru, Miqote.com or any other XMPP server.

Open standard

XMPP as an approved instant messaging and presence technology. No royalties or granted permissions are required to implement these specifications.


This service is using secure authentication (SASL) and encryption (TLS).

xmpp.net score

It also has enabled DNS Security (DNSSEC) and TLSA. You can check this with DNSSEC/TLSA Validator browser plugin.

Rooms (Group chats)

We have a few group chats already created. You can also create your own.

Tune Publishing

"Publish Tune" is a service which can be used to share your currently playing music's information with any person from your roster (contact list).

XMPP Extensions


  • XEP-0163
  • XEP-0237


  • XEP-0191
  • XEP-0198
  • XEP-0280
  • XEP-0313
  • XEP-0352
  • XEP-0363

Terms of service

If you want to use our Jabber (XMPP) service, you have to accept the following terms of service.

SPIM (SPAM) is prohibited

SPIM is a messaging SPAM, which is a type of spam targeting users of instant messaging (IM) services. Any account, which was used for SPIM will be permanently banned with help of internet service providers (ISP) using information such as IP address, subnet, country or universe.