Game update 5 Jul 2020 17:19

Updated VFX for dash and wallrun

Added UI background blur shader

Fixed tail animations

Bloom shader optimized

+20% FPS gain.

Updater system reworked

The game was splitted into separate public and development versions.

This system will allows to upload some non-tested yet development builds of the game and don't break the public ones.

Game levels switched to glTF format

This feature fixes the wrong textures colorspace settings. Some textures are still needs to be updated to match current colorspace settings.

Also it adds the texture profile/resolution option to the game (low, medum, high) for the systems with low GPU memory (VRAM).

Added support for laptops with hybrid GPU

This one should fix the errors like "GPU is not detected" or when GPU is detected as "GDI Generic" for laptops with hybrid GPU (dual GPU) setup. It will affect both AMD and NVidia GPUs.

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