Game update: more objects on game level, katana, splash, updater 22 Feb 2020 17:20


Katana added to the game (it still missing the alternative attack and some VFX).

Improved assault rifle positioning while aiming (weapon's IK was reworked and re-baked).

Game levels

@_KumaBeer_ made more objects for the game levels.

Splash window

Splash window was completely reworked with a new features added:

  • Progress bar (showing on the game preloading)
  • Error message window (the game doesn't uses a web browser for showing errors anymore)

The new splash window does not have a bug anymore, when it was unable to launch the game and just keep waiting for it forever.


Fixed some bugs which caused the game to crash while updating.


Emotes menu enabled.

Some interactive actions was moved to the emotes menu.

Close button added to every in-game menu.

Terminal's UI updates (some icons, text).


HUB spawn improved (fixed some bugs when you spawn outside of the game level).

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