KITSUNETSUKI project: new settings UI and reworked hitboxes (WIP) 22 Dec 2023 20:42

Hitboxes and AABB calculation system

Hitboxes and AABB (Axis Aligned Bounding Box) calculation system was rewritten in C and merged into panda3d-kphys plugin.

Main settings menu was merged into the in-game menu

Main settings menu with 5 tabs was simplified and merged into the in-game as 2 tabs. Now almost all the settings can be changed in-game and the main menu was finally removed.

Match entering/leaving reworked

Since the introduction of the in-game HUB and new character creation system the match entering/leaving was broken. I have reworked it and now match entering/leaving and also the HUB entering/leaving works.

Game servers was shut down

Game servers was shut down, because master is preparing for an update. Master server performance and stability will be revised and improved. I'm also testing some server deployment automation and monitoring tools.

All the new feature are planned for release in the upcoming version 0.8.x

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