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Steam Runtime

At first I has started with a Steam Runtime -
I was looking for a production-ready solution from some company. Steam Runtime is a schroot based on old Ubuntu 12. If you install the same version of the NVidia drivers (as your host system) you can even run the game from the schroot.

Generic Schroot

Ubuntu 12 from Steam Runtime has a very old version of Python 3 so I given up on it and switched to custom debootstrap based schroot of the newer version of Ubuntu.


Some time later I have tried a Docker but it was too complicated for me and I found an alternative solution as LXC. LXC is more cleaner solution then schroot and it looks more like a container. I have used LXC for a pretty long time during the game development.


Recently I have switched my host system from Ubuntu to SilverBlue, which is read-only system and fully container based. SilverBlue have a preinstalled podman, which is an alternative to a docker. So I given it a try. It's a pretty good and easier to use than a docker.
I have made a podman container for my SDK and published them -
I also pushed podman container images to a Docker Hub -

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