KITSUNETSUKI project: New Lobby/HUB system, in-game inventory, WIP 23 Apr 2019 22:10

I'm working on the new Lobby/HUB system replacement. The Lobby/HUB is the place where you waiting for a match or customizing your character's clothes and weapons.

The current (old) HUB is just a bunch of menus (UI) and it's pretty much boring. My goal is to make a global online HUB system which some non-open world MMO games also have. The examples of those games could be Guild Wars 2 (Mists), Dragon Nest, Elsword, C9, Kritika, Soul Worker.

I have started with a version 1 of the HUB system, which is going to be an offline version. The next one - version 2 will be online.

Planned features for the HUB system:
- Inventory (done)
- Store (done)
- Skills test zone
- Weapons test zone (with some targets/dummies)
- Chat (HUB v2)
- HUB instances (HUB v2)
- Some social actions/emotes

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