KITSUNETSUKI project: launcher and SDK reworked 16 Jul 2023 20:55

Launcher reworked

Old launcher pipeline:

kitsunetsuki -> kitsunetsuki loader -> dlopen -> -> game modules

New launcher pipeline:

kitsunetsuki -> kitsunetsuki loader -> game modules

Anaconda/miniconda/conda abandoned

Game SDK is now based on libraries provided by Blender, Panda3D and some custom build ones. Conda requires building every library from scratch using clean working tree and it takes too long to build some packages like Blender and Panda3D. Now I can keep the building files in persistent storage and rebuild the packages in a few seconds inside the container. Also conda-build always picks the wrong library for linking, like libstdc++ and the game becomes incompatible with some graphics drivers. It's almost imposible to build huge packages like Panda3D and Blender in isolated conda's sysroot.

So now I'm abandoning anaconda-based SDK and removing all the packages from Anaconda Cloud:

Character create/select UI

Implemented features

  • Character create
  • Character select/delete

Node-based character animator

Implemented features

  • Weapon transform matrices interpolation on GPU to sync with the animations

Game animations

All ranged weapon-related animations was reworked using new proxy armatures (aiming animations are broken).

All the new feature are planned for release in the upcoming version 0.8.x

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