A lot of things are in progress 22 May 2019 19:38

New Game Level

  • Modular Level Design
  • Optimizations (physics/collisions, occlusion culling, polygons count)
  • Separate client/server files (client: geometry, textures, materials, collisions; server: collisions only)
  • Old game level (B3) will be removed when it's done.

New Custom Shaders

  • New custom cel-shading for characters (ignores ambient light, separate shading/highligh/rimlight/reflex texture maps)
  • New simplified diffuse shading for environment

New Mechanics

  • Objects interaction (sit on couch, buy items in a terminal, etc.)
  • New emotes

Reworking clothes

I have disabled almost all the clothes. I'm reworking the models and textures atm. So some clothes will be removed, some reworked and replaced.

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