KITSUNETSUKI project: master server updated 18 Jan 2024 09:08

Master server updated

  • Master server (including the website) was updated and rebuilt on a new node.
  • Some services was abandoned and haven't installed on a new node to minimize the memory usage and keep some space for the monitoring software.
  • Static files was moved to the CDN.
  • OAuth storage was migrated from the file-based to the DB.
  • Deployment system was migrated from the Butane to the minimal Butane + Ansible, because I rarely deploy a new server, but constantly update the existing one.
  • All the old game items was wiped.
  • All the characters was converted to a new customization system, but all the customization was reset to defaults.

Master server monitoring

To improve the stability of the master and game servers I have installed the InfluxDB + Telegraf monitoring software.

Game client update roadmap

Current game clients are incompatible with the new master server, so they would stop working. I still have some critical bugs which blocks the release. I need to fix some animations and build a new game level. Now I can test the game with the new master server.

Also the website update was needed for the VTuberWebcam app, because the new version uses web UI and reuses website's styles.

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