KITSUNETSUKI project: new character select/maker UI (WIP) 27 May 2023 11:28

Menu navigation changes

Current menu navigation: Login - Character Select - HUB.

I want to get rid of the main menu including main options screen, character select and character maker screens. So it will be possible to go directly into the HUB after login.

The character select and character maker screens will be merged into the HUB. The main options screen will be merged into in-game options. It allows to create characters and switch them inside the HUB without leaving and reloading the HUB level.

New character select/maker UI inside the HUB running on the new render pipeline and shaders:

Node-based character animator

Implemented features

  • Playing animations
  • Animations blending
  • Frame interpolation on GPU using GLSL

Missing features

  • Weapon transform matrices interpolation on GPU to sync with the animations

NPR deferred render pipeline

Implemented features

  • Lighting and shadows
  • Rendering of transparent objects such as glass using separate camera and render pass

Missing features

  • Extra level's shaders with spritesheet-based animations
  • AO

glTF exporter

Implemented features

  • Exporting of game level geometry and collision objects
  • New character shaders compatibility

Missing features

  • Weapon exporting (it's untested and may require more work)

BVHQ export and import

Format now uses local-space bone transforms instead of character-space transforms, because the game uses multipart animations where the root bone transforms could be unavailable.

All the new feature are planned for release in the upcoming version 0.8.x

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