Paused Patreon, switching to Crypto 12 May 2022 14:05

Since almost all payment systems was blocked I have troubles with withdrawing money from Patreon. So I have paused billing for indefinite time and closed all tiers to reject new patrons. Most of the patrons was already unsubscribed automatically some time ago.

I'm going to stop promoting Patreon and remove all the Patreon integrations from the game. I still have all the patrons list so I can give some in-game items later after the game release.

The only way to accept donations is crypto for now.

I have limited number of servers to a single one and migrated to a hoster which accepts crypto.

I'm going to integrate crypto payments directly into the game.

All the assets stores are not available anymore. It's safe for 2D/3D graphics assets because all of them are custom made. But without new animations it will be impossible to add some new classes of weapons. Also without new sounds rest of the game will be silent.

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