Updates summary 25 Apr 2020 08:43

More assets by KumaBeer 

PvP level rebuilt. Now it's smaller and more balanced.

New netcode, WIP. It could be still unoptimized. So I have added console into the game ("`") for checking the number of client side prediction errors.

New animation system, WIP. Now I have more control of it. I could speed-up or slow-down animations on lags. Also the new animation system will be used for syncing over the network.

New aiming system with dynamic crosshair position. The previous aiming system was not accurate, so the player had a lot of misses.

Wallrun mechanics is back into the game with a new animations. The keybiding is "W-W" while on the wall.

A little bit better low end GPU support:

  • MInimal GLSL/OpenGL requirements lowered from 4.3 to 4.2, so more GPU are compatible.
  • More graphics options has been added, which could be switched off for compatibility, such as: Bloom, AO, Material Shaders.
  • Render Scale option was fixed. It could be used to increase the frame rate when it's lower than 100%.
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