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Mailbox service aims to provide you a personal mailbox with e-mail account. You can you this account to can send or recieve messages with your e-mail client.

Because of the limited storage space and danger of abusing this system for SPAM, this service is available for a chosen users only. You can recieve this service as reward for becoming a patron.

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Storage quota

You have total of 100Mb storage quota across all your folders. You can check your quota usage with e-mail client or at the website.

IMAP access

Browsing messages from inbox or any other folder is available for your e-mail client using IMAP protocol.

SMTP access

Sending messages is avaible for your e-mail client using SMTP protocol.


IMAP and SMTP protocols are using encryption (TLS).


Thunderbird autoconfiguration is supported.

Terms of service

If you want to use our Mailbox service, you have to accept the following terms of service.

SPAM is prohibited

Any account, which was used for SPAM will be permanently banned with help of internet service providers (ISP) using information such as IP address, subnet, country or universe.